Since the discovery of the numerous beneficial uses of marijuana for medical purposes, the global medical marijuana industry has tremendously grown to the current net worth of over $15 billion. Analysts project that the industry, by the year 2022, would be worth over $35 billion and is expected to accelerate further in its network. The astronomical growth in the medical marijuana industry is largely attributable to the discovery of various medical applications as well as the increased number of jurisdictions and countries that have legalized the use of the substance. Since the year 2010, the legal cannabis industry has exhibited certain emerging and prominent trends that are expected to define the growth of the industry in the future.

Increased Scientific Discoveries of Medical Uses

The first major trend that the cannabis industry has exhibited is the rise in the utilization of cannabis derivatives in the healthcare sector as far as treating medical conditions is concerned. Since the commencement of research into medical marijuana, there has emerged over 100 different active ingredients of cannabis that are known to pose positive medical effects upon patients. Two of the most prominent of these cannabinoids include cannabidiol that is commonly utilized for treatment of neuromuscular conditions and epilepsy. Tetrahydrocannabinol has also been prominently utilized in the market for purposes ranging from treatment of multiple sclerosis to development of neuronal medications. It is expected that continued research will reveal further applications of derivatives of medical marijuana in the near future.

Increased Educational Efforts

The second trend observed and expected regarding medical marijuana is the prospected increase in efforts of educating of the public regarding the medical benefits that marijuana poses. The rising rates of legalization for the herb in the United States and other countries of the world are making cannabis to gain more acceptance in the society. To eliminate the existing stereotypical notions that marijuana is overly bad for the society, there is expected to be an astronomical rise in educational efforts targeting ensuring that members of the public can embrace the drug.

Increased Investments in the Business

It is also expected that more persons and businesses would invest in the medical marijuana industry, which according to analysts, is gaining pace and popularity. As more states in the US legalize dealership in medical marijuana, persons interested in the establishment of businesses dealing with the herb would be expected to throng various available sites such as for resources or how to successfully invest in the business. It is also expected that more research will be channeled towards providing relevant and vital information on how to successfully manage the medical marijuana business. Scientific research on the uses, benefits, and how best to grow and process the herb would also be availed to the public.

Reduction in the Consumption of Illegal Drugs

Another expected major trend involves a reduction in the utilization of illegal drugs and substances in the society in preference for medical cannabis. The utilization of medical marijuana for recreational purposes is expected to effectively reduce consumption of alcohol and heroin among other illegal substances since marijuana offers a better recreational effect. Alcohol, in particular, is expected to significantly diminish in popularity among the public, since more persons who tend to prefer recreational marijuana as it is more manageable and has the least of side effects.