The rise of the internet had a significant impact in the field of business, and companies are trying to cope with the rapidly changing environment to keep up with the current trends. One of the most recent developments in the corporate world is the use of intranet portals, which creates a gateway that has unified access to applications and information owned by a company. Intranet portals revolutionized the intranet, and most business owners now prefer it because the tool helps them manage the applications, data, and information effectively. Intranet portals also have increasing support for legacy applications, integrating it into the system and making it possible for the employees to use it.

Corporate intranets started to become popular among the business owners in the late 1990s, and as it quickly spread all around the world, intranet became complex. One of the solutions to the problem is the introduction of an intranet portal. It promotes collaboration among employees, making it possible for them to interact while being in different places. Intranet portals offer a lot of features for the users, and it includes integration, security, customization, collaboration, automation, communication channels, applications, remote access, user-friendly interface, document repository, blogging, people and enterprise search, and targeted content, among others. Together, these features would transform the intranet portal into a single stop shop where users can do anything they wanted. Because of these portals, working becomes more engaging, and employees are becoming more productive. The use of intranet portals across the United States is highly encouraged by business owners to increase productivity, creativity, and cooperation among the employees.

There is a lot of intranet portals available to companies today, and one of the most popular would be the IGLOO software, which is developed by a Canadian firm. The software allows a company to create their portal and provides them with the tools that they need to operate the company. When a business uses the software, it enables them to provide jobs for the employees anywhere they are. A great example would be an employee working inside the office, and alongside the co-employees who are outside the office and working in the comfort of their homes. Working with the software would enable the people to do home-based jobs, go on trips, or visit other cities without disrupting their workflow. Another great thing about the software is that it allows the users to do office programs like document typing, spreadsheet making, and presentation editing in the comfort of their laptops or mobile phones. Employees working for the business industry are saying that the software helped their company become successful, and they felt convenient using the software. It makes their lives easier by transforming complicated tasks into easy to do jobs.

The software is one of the leading intranet portals in the world today, and millions of companies are using the program that they have released. They also assured the corporate world that more updates and developments would be implemented into the software to help them succeed.