There are a lot of people out there dreaming about earning money by starting their own blog. The thing here is, that this is very much possible, but it is getting harder from one day to another. To make money from posting, you will need a subject you are passionate about and a performance plan, and even then you are not promised to make enough money to support yourself just with your blog.

There are a few solid ways to make money blogging and although they might not be the approach you would have chosen, they guarantee the income.

Create a product and advertise it

As it is implied above, this strategy includes marketing a product that you have created. A great example for this is an eBook or maybe an online course. With promoting products, it is fairly easy to expand your market; either you are marketing digital product, such as eBooks, or any kind of physical products (knitted socks, paintings, dresses…). A blog can assist you to make a sale, but you do have to be persuasive when you are writing about the products. Be careful though; people already reading and following your posts are potential customers, which is a plus, and these kind of people respond a lot better to something that shares interesting information about their interests.Don’t devote the whole content to advertise your product, instead be the people’s person and help solve some problems along the way. A satisfied person can become a return customer.

Create a website for advertising a service

If you are thinking of providing a service as a freelancer, you first have to ask yourself what do you have to offer and what do you want to advertise. After finding an answer to these questions, you can start writing the blog for people to follow and, most importantly, to attract customers. And just like with promoting a product, advertising a service should also be about other people; not only about what you have to offer, but how do your followers feel about that. You can educate them on the topic provided and they will trust you more, which can lead to more and more clients.

As for the earnings; they fall directly into your pocket (if you are not paying anybody to do the marketing on your behalf).

Run a blog promoting a service or product of a third party

In this case you are starting a blog about any kind of products or services, that essentially belong to a third party. When someone makes a purchase, you get a cut of the sale or, in some cases, you at least get a fixed fee for the advertising struggle.

There is one thing you should be careful about when you are recommending products to other people; only advertise the things you believe are good and write about them in style that will not come across as too aggressive. People have to trust you know what you are writing about, that is the only way to establish more connections and make more sales.


There are other ways to make money through blog, like selling adds or getting a sponsor; it is entirely up to you to decide which path you would like to take. But you should know, that all of them involve a lot of research and hard work.

A lot of people still believe that blogging cannot possibly be a serious job, but fortunately for some that isn’t always the case. If you are sure about the site you want to run and you are willing to put in the work needed, your blog can become a dependable source of passive income. Choosing a successful field and getting a good user base can eventually even lead to a full-time job.

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