When having an SEO proposal, it will be your sales pitch. So, it is the chance that you have in convincing your new client that you are in an agency that is perfect to do business with.

When you consider about your prospective client, he is also reaching to multiple SEO agencies. So, a clear and actionable proposal will be a chance that will stand out of the pack.

However, you need to have an easy to understand proposal because will save you down the road. It will ensure that the client understands the services you are offering to them and what to expect.

Besides, you won’t need to spend all the hours trying to craft the perfect SEO proposal template. You can look for a template from the competitor and customize aiming at your business goals.

Here are things you should include in your proposal template:

  • Introduction And Summary

You start the proposal by creating an introduction that talks about your agency. It will make the client know that you have a capable agency to handle its SEO matters.

However, don’t forget that this proposal should be a sales pitch. So, having a great introduction will help to differentiate you from other SEO agencies. By adding your mission statement will elaborate more on why the clients have to choose you.

As you write your introduction, don’t forget to highlight your experience in SEO services. By doing so, it helps the clients see that you can deliver results. However, to be able to earn trust, you can mention your past clients or even link any case studies. In case you have won awards or certificates, they should also be mentioned in the proposal.

  • Pitch Specific SEO Insights

In this section, it will have a bulk of your personalization. So, spend more time on this section. It’s in this section that you can show specific insights you have already gathered regarding SEO performance. It helps in building initial credibility and trust with your clients because they see you have conducted proper research to personalize your proposal.

  • Solutions And Deliverables

While filling this section of your proposal, you have to dive into projects and tasks that you are doing. So, in your agency, are you offering guest post services or link buildings? So, for link building, how many can you deliver within a month? Can you add new content to the website?

So, you will properly outline the deliverables so that the client can know what you are expecting monthly. However, make them specific and quantifiable.

  • Timeline

You should know that SEO has to take time to give results but the problem is that most people won’t know that. So, it’s best if you will include a timeline while writing your proposal it will make the client understand when to expect results.

Remember to break each solution down to become a measurable milestone. If you do that, it helps the client to tab the progress even after it takes long before the improvement of traffic and other metrics.