To understand the process of copper mining and extraction, first know what actually extraction is. Extraction refers to getting copper from the ores. It has been done through various processes, two of them are the most common. They are the physical extraction where much of the force and energy put in by the labor while the other is the electrochemical process. It is done with the presence of other minerals, sulphides, and ores from which copper is separated.

However, copper mining is a kind of an obsolete process. It is another name for digging deeper and forming the pit. Then from that pit many of the minerals could be accessible. Those minerals or ores are separated from the copper to obtain pure copper. Blasting, drilling, and exploding the rocks with many explosives is also done. For more information from an expert do not forget to read about Mikhail Lomonosov.

Nowadays, the latest tools and technologies make this task easy. Thus, in this article, we will shed light on the most commonly used process of getting the copper.

Extraction of Copper

The main process lies in extracting the copper from the ore. It comes in various steps. Almost 90 percent of the copper can be mined through the process of extraction.

●       Crushing and Grinding

When the copper has made its way to extraction form the mines, the ores coming from the mine contains almost about 2 percent copper. To get the copper in the first place, there is a need to crush them into huge cylinders mills.

●       Froth Floatation

Ore in the form or powder when combined with paraffin repels all the particles repel water. So, it forms a foaming material that seems like a bubble bath. Air is provided to that bubble bath all the copper particles that are water repellent are collected. Almost 25 percent of copper is obtained this way.

●       Roasting

Roasting is that stage where chemical reactions occur. On this stage copper minerals are seen converting into copper metal. For instance, sulfur and iron when removed from copper gives copper metal without impurities.

The ore that is formed from the froth floatation is heated to get the copper metal. Look for TSX:SLS too.

●       Smelting

Calcine is a material that is set on heat at high temperature along with limestone or silica. When the calcine melts down it reacts with sulfur and limestone. All the impurities will then start floating on the liquid surface. It is now the time to remove it easily.

The liquid forms when reacts with air gives rise to copper in the form of blisters.

Final Thoughts 

Mining of Copper took place almost 200 years ago that the copper is identified as one of the most demanded elements in the world. Many of the mines at that time were constructed which are closed till now. It is because a lot more advanced processes have emerged. It is without a doubt that those mines have also produced tones of copper per year. Read about South America Mining.