The Advantages of a Building Cel-Fi G4 Kit are numerous. The kit has the option of a low-profile omni-directional external antenna or the option of a wideband directional LPDA, Logperiodic Dipole Antenna. Both antennas work well for boosting mobile phone signal in a building and are LTE compatible.

GO4 with a Omni-directional antenna

If you have a cellular phone or phones and want to improve the reception of that phone signal, then a cel-Fi omni directional antenna is what you need. These omnidirectional antennas can boost the signal for 4G/LTE on all carriers. These come with the choice of a Cel-Fi internal dome antenna or an internal mounted wall antenna. These are made with 2.5 to 3.5 dBi gain and includes a N-Female or SMA-Male connector and a 2-metre cable.

The omni-directional antenna is a good choice for homes and businesses. It has a boosted signal in every direction and is best suited for large, open spaces. Although it is intended to be externally mounted, this antenna can be mounted anywhere, such as an attic or crawl space. The antenna works best in single-level homes or multi-level buildings with attic access. It is also suitable for commercial buildings with ceiling tiles.

Another advantage of Cel-Fi GO4 is its low-profile design and its wideband capability. It has eight-position dial base that enables the antenna to be rotated by 45-degree increments. The donor antenna needs to be pointed at the nearest cell tower. For this purpose, you can use OpenSignal and CellMapper apps to check the distance between your donor antenna and your cell tower.

The other Indoor antenna is a high-quality wall mounted directional panel antenna. It is wall or ceiling-mounted and does not require crawlspace or attic access. The signal is radiated from the front side and has a radiation pattern of 60-75 degrees. Its low-profile design makes it perfect for hallways, large rooms, and high-ceilinged areas.

GO4 G4 is a wideband directional antenna

Whether you need a reliable and affordable indoor/outdoor cellular wideband directional antenna, or you need a solution for IoT, Cel-Fi has the solution for you. The wideband directional antenna provides up to 6 dBi gain in the low and high bands. The unit is made of UV-stabilized ABS plastic and is optimized for Cel-Fi products. The antenna is also compatible with the Cel-Fi WAVE Antenna positioning app. To mount the antenna, you’ll need to install a standard L-bracket.

The Cel-Fi GO G4 is a smart signal booster that uses Nextivity Intelliboost signal processing to deliver the industry’s largest coverage footprint. The product boosts data and voice wireless performance while eliminating interference from other wireless devices. The Cel-Fi GO4 G41 is ideal for indoor environments, and can be expanded with additional donor and server antennas.

The GO4 G41 cellular repeater represents the latest advances in cellular repeater technology, offering higher output power (+20 dBm) than other GO models. The unit is capable of supporting the Telstra, Vodafone-TPG and Optus networks. Its RJ-45 Ethernet network interface allows easy switching between networks. It is designed for large in-building cellular coverage applications.

GO4 is a mobile repeater

The Cellular Cel-Fi GO4 is an indoor mobile repeater that increases the signal of one network. It is compatible with iPhone, Android and other smartphones. Users of the Cel-Fi GO4 can also use it with a mobilebroadband modem and a PC or Mac to connect to a wireless network from anywhere. This mobile repeater allows users to enjoy faster internet speeds and better voice quality.

The GO4 has a low-profile device that is a good choice for commercial buildings or single-story homes with ceiling tiles. Both of the external antenna options provide good coverage, and the omni directional antenna is easier to install than the directional LDPA antenna. It is also easier to install in a two-story building, as it does not require access to the interior wall.

The Cel-Fi GO 4 is a not carrier-specific, indoor/outdoor cell phone signal booster system and can be switched between networks but only used on one network at a time. It features carrier switching capabilities and has a huge coverage area of 15,000 square feet. The Cel-Fi GO4 is an indoor device that is ideal for buildings because it captures and amplifies signal from a directional donor antenna and rebroadcasts it through the server antenna.

GO4 is compatible with LTE

You can check your device’s compatibility with LTE by looking at the network’s LTE compatibility list. If your device supports LTE, you should be able to use it with LTE-enabled devices. However, if your device does not support LTE, you can still use it with LTE-compatible devices. You can check the LTE compatibility list by clicking Start > Settings > Network & Internet.

Where To Buy Your Cel-Fi GO4 Building Repeater Kit

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Cel-Fi GO4 (G41)

Cel-Fi GO4 (G41) represents the latest in 4G cellular repeater technology. Building on the success of the GO2 model, GO4 has a higher output power (+20 dBm), providing the largest coverage area of all GO models.

GO4 operates on more frequency bands and can be easily switched between Telstra, Optus and Vodafone-TPG (one carrier at a time) should you change service provider.

Cel-Fi GO4 is ideal for inbuilding cellular coverage applications for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. The higher output power means more service antennas can be run from the one repeater, and by popular request, the unit now has an RJ45 Ethernet network interface for remote management.

Expanding on GO2’s dual-band functionality, GO4 supports carrier aggregation with 40 MHz of relay bandwidth.


In conclusion, the Cel-Fi GO4 is an effective way to boost mobile signal strength in buildings. It’s easy to set up and use, and it can make a big difference in terms of reception quality. If you live or work in an area with poor reception, the Cel-Fi GO4 is definitely worth considering.