Assume you run a tiny greeting card shop with a website. Your first few years of business were driven by birthday cards, thank-you cards, and congratulations cards. Customers in your physical stores and online stores know you for those products, which you have advertised both online and offline.

But the gourmet gift baskets you introduced to your inventory six months ago seem to be a big hit with these loyal consumers. They have the potential to skyrocket sales, but if you want to expand your company, you need to change up your marketing plan.

It is insufficient to hand out pamphlets to customers in your checkout line or to add a banner, some images, and descriptions to your current website. Not with cards, but with new customers in the market for gourmet gift baskets. It may be beneficial to add a new domain name to your website.

Thus, with a second website, your products can have more focus and if it is branded well, this second venture can fly too as much as the first one or maybe more. 

This article seeks to educate you whether having multiple domain names is possible for your business. So, if you want to know more, please read further. 

Yes, it is possible to have multiple domain names

You don’t have to link a distinct website to each domain name if you register many to keep up with the expansion of your company, safeguard your brand, and/or develop a connection to a certain location, interest, or sector. Your additional domain(s) can be forwarded in a variety of ways to your current website. The 301 redirect is the only one that matters in this situation. The search engines will be permanently redirected to your website using this type of forwarding.

Why businesses should purchase multiple domains

If you believe that having one domain name suffices, reconsider. Your company may lose consumers and traffic if you don’t hold several domains, and your brand will be exposed to the competitors.

  1. User Error

To guard against user error, one of the most vital reasons to buy many domain names. You should make it a goal to own all frequent misspellings of your company name because it’s possible for people to misunderstand what your domain name is when they hear it or type it incorrectly.

You should try to buy misspellings that will catch the most mistakes, whether your business name contains frequently misspelled words or your brand uses modern, creative spellings that are hard to remember.

  1. Brand theft

To prevent your business from being stolen by the competition, you must have multiple domain names. Even for established brands, brand hunting is a big deal. A related or similar domain name helps protect your brand, because competitors with similar names can accidentally create confusion.

  1. Trademark protection

Only owning the trademark does not directly give you the domain name and does not prevent third parties from buying the domain name that contains your trademark. Therefore, purchasing multiple domain names can help protect any trademarks you may own.

  1. Campaigns for marketing and advertising

If your company currently has a primary domain name and you want to launch a marketing or advertising campaign, you must monitor client behaviour to gauge its effectiveness.

It’s a good idea to use domains expressly for your marketing initiatives, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, so you can track the source of traffic and customer acquisition. When promoting a domain name through a non-online medium—like a magazine or radio advertisement—where a buyer cannot click on a URL—it is very helpful.


As we close we would like to say that if you are to buy multiple domain names, ensure that you also have a strategy to keep them secure and fortified. Else, chances are that one of them can get compromised and you could bear the brunt of it. If you are going to buy a domain, we would suggest have a reliable domain registration provider in place to do the same. Till then, keep reading and share your feedback for this article in the comments section below.