Television is a source of knowledge and communication for everyone. India got its first television in 1950. By 1975, around five cities had TV services. Those cities were Kolkata, Madras, Amritsar, Mumbai and Delhi. There were epic serials and news broadcasted. This forced the entire nation to sit together in their house and watch the same program at a time.

With changing time, demands changed and the specifications as well. It was considered as a source of entertainment which included not only news but music, media, daily soaps etc. every household has a television as it unites the family at least once a day. Earlier, there were limited options in India but recently in few years we have so many international brands like Samsung, Sony, Xiaomi, Toshiba, Panasonic etc. invading, that you might get confused with your choices.

No matter how many international brands try to occupy your mind, national brands have their own publicity. Vu which is a Mumbai based manufacturer founded in 2006 is known for its latest voice technology feature in television. In 2012, its turnover in rupees was 1 billion.  Now they are also exporting their products to the United States.

Where television is considered a good way of gaining knowledge and source of entertainment, on the other side, it is also considered a mode of distraction for children. If you have observed, there is a new trend of keeping more than one television at home. The extras are installed in bedrooms. It might be convenient to drink a chilled beer and relax on your bed while watching world cup but it can also become a reason for changing behaviour in your kid’s attitude.

So here are few tips to help you control your child depending upon their age –

  • Preschool
  • Elementary school


Preschool going children are of tender age. You can set them a schedule where they have time for school, homework, nap, outdoor and indoor games. Rarely should they get the opportunity to be glued to television. Most kids at this age prefer getting involved with their parents and other kids so that they have fun. If you teach them to watch cartoon or other shows so that you get your own me time then you should be blamed for the consequences.

Elementary school

Many families set a rule of no TV on weekdays but only on weekends that too with family. There are also rules in some families of watching television for a particular time and for few hours. If you also get involved in this routine, it gives your children some satisfaction. The best way to avoid watching TV is to keep it out sight, which means it is out of mind as well.

Experts say that whatever kids watch on television, they inculcate it in their behaviour whether it is a cartoon or violence. Therefore, you need to be very careful while your kid is watching anything. They are at a certain age where curiosity is at its prime level.