When you own a business today, the most important piece of equipment you will most likely have, is the computer system that handles all of your customer and employee information. Having a good IT department set up is crucial to smoothly operating your business from day to day. However, there are times when the computer system will fail, either by outside forces or due to upgrades and repairs that you need to make. There are many ways for you to communicate any planned computer outages with your staff and your clients in an organized manner.

Using A Service Company to Provide Information

When your IT department is planning on making changes or upgrades to your system, they have the responsibility to inform everyone who may be associated with the system beforehand of any planned downtime. Instead of having them take the time to send out multiple emails and make phone calls, you can use the services of a company who can do this for them. Information technology companies can schedule times to send out mass emails to your customers and employees. They will be able to send separate notifications to the different departments within your company as to how it will affect them. You can look on the internet for companies who will provide this service for you and once you have chosen the one that fits you best, you may sign up easily online to begin using their services. They may even offer you a plan to make your status page unique to your business.

Computer Downtime Will Affect Your Business

If you do not make those people who use your computer system on a regular basis, such as your customers, of any planned downtime you might have, you can easily lose their business. If they are not able to get on to your website, and if no information is on there to tell them of your plans, they will take their business to your competitors. Most people are willing to wait for your website to be back up and running if they are told ahead of time. They can plan their activity around your schedules. As far as your employees, if they are unaware of any computer changes that will be taking place, your IT department will undoubtedly become inundated with phone calls when it happens. This distracts them and slows down the entire process.

No business wants to have their computers offline for very long and will try to lessen the effects of it by making sure that all persons involved have the information they need to plan ahead. The service providers who can schedule the notifications charge a very minimal fee for it and you will find that it is well worth your while to look into one of them. Many of them will also be able to send notifications out while the computers are down to update anyone on what the current status is and how long the computers will be offline. Your employees and customers will appreciate this information.