Zeolearn offers many valuable courses for software professionals. Among them, Python training is already taken up by many professionals and students for improvements in their career path. The Machine learning with Python course mainly concentrates on providing hands-on training in Python. It covers usage of Python in data analytics along with the basics.

There is exponential growth in terms of usage of Big data and analytics in the field of the software development industry. These are already changing the way businesses are working today. When it comes to predictive analysis of data, the majority of the people choose the Python language. This is because of its features like easy readability, clarity, and simple syntax.

The training offered by Zeolearn on machine learning focuses on the usage of Python in data processing as well as for analysis. It also aims to teach students combining Python and Hadoop to solve complex computations.

The course ensures that each and every student will learn extensively about the concepts like Scipy, Matplotlib, Pandas, IPython toolkit, and Numpy. The entire course is informative and well-paced which extensively emphasises on practical, hands-on sessions for learning Machine learning with Python language. All the trainers at Zeolearn are well-experienced and qualified, and hence they can provide the best training on Python. The fee at Zeolearn is affordable, and after the successful completion of the course, students will be given course completion certificate as well. All the students will be given access to study materials as well.

Machine Learning With Python Training: Takeaways

By opting for this training on Machine learning in Python, students will learn

  • The importance of data analysis for businesses in today’s era
  • By using Python learn to predict outcomes. Along with this make lucrative business decisions
  • Apply available predictive algorithms in Python machine learning on data
  • Learn to create very accurate data science models
  • Usage of Python libraries like Matplotlib, Scipy, and Numpy
  • Working of Python in the distributed file ecosystem of Hadoop, Hive and PIG
  • Make use of Python packages in data analysis applications


Even though this course can be taken up by any candidates, who are interested in learning machine learning Python if they already have basic knowledge of Python programming they will find this course easy.

Python Training:  Features

  • This course comprises of over 40 hours of intense training which is led by professional instructors
  • All the trainers here are industry experts
  • Students will learn both data processing and data analysis by using Hadoop and Python
  • This course will involve immersive hands-on and practical sessions which help students to understand the concepts better
  • Learn and understand the working of Python in the distributed file system of Hadoop
  • Learn advanced Python concepts and learn to develop analytical apps using Python
  • For supporting future projects, trainers will train students on implementing M/L projects as well

The course on machine learning with Python is very useful for all the candidates, and this will help them in giving an entry towards the analytics and data science filed. They will get a better understanding of the usage of Python in the field of data analysis. So, candidates who are planning to enter the field of data analytics can take up this training and make their career path.