The popularity of the social media and dating applications is not behind the scenes. According to the latest reports, teens and tweens dedicate around 8 hours of a day to social networking platforms. The more they remain online, the more they are probable to experience potential online dangers such as cyber-bullying, sexting, pornography, child predation, catfishing and online sex crimes. The social media also holds several privacy concerns and potential safety risks for the underage children. Fortunately, there are a few cell phone spy apps that help parents to protect their kids from the social media threats monitoring their digital behavior and online activities. This article discusses how parents monitor the social media and dating apps of children using the cell phone spying apps TheOneSpy.


The photo-sharing app Snapchat has gained huge popularity among collegians. It allows exchanging self-deleted messages consisting of text, photos and videos. These messages get deleted automatically after being viewed by the receiver. These self-destructed messages are inducing teens to share sensual and sexually explicit photos and text messages. Though it seems a secure way to sext, it is not. The receiver of the Snapchat messages can save the message taking a screenshot. These screenshots can further be distributed which can make the sender of the message to face serious consequences.

If your kids are using Snapchat, make sure they are not engaged in risky activities like sexting. To monitor the Snapchat activities of your kids, you can use the cell phone spy app. It records all the activities of your kids performed on Snapchat including the messages.


More than 11% of the world’s population is using Facebook. The absence of age-verification process and tools to check the authenticity of the user’s provided information has made the social media app an insecure and risky app for children. The app is being used by child predators, scammers and pedophiles to find their targets and devise the plan to victimize them collecting their personal information through Facebook. The cell phone tracking app allows parents to monitor the Facebook accounts of their children; reading their messages; seeing their shared and posted photos and videos and tracking their friends-list.


Instagram is the world’s most used photo-sharing app and is highly popular and dangerous for  teens. The app allows the users to post photos, videos and exchange messages. However, most of the Instagram posts are adult-oriented. The kids using Instagram are more likely to expose to pornography and adult content. TheOneSpy cell phone tracking app enables parents to track the Instagram accounts of their kids. It allows reading the direct messages sent and received by their children. Also, it shows your kid’s friends-list as well as followers and following list.

Kik Messenger:

Kik is instant messaging and most dangerous social media app for children. The application allows sending photos, videos and sketches to the anonymous Kik users. The instant messenger has around 1 billion active users and being used for sexting, child predation and bullying. The cell phone spy app lets you monitor the Kik app on the mobile phone of your kid. You can read the messages and see the photos and videos exchanged via the messenger. Also, you can see whom your kids are in contact with on Kik.


Tinder is a social media app that allows the user to find his/her romantic partner. However, it is appropriate to claim Tinder as a one-night-stand app because it is being used by the sex addict for sexual purposes. The app allows two persons, who choose each other, to chat and plan meet-ups. There is not any doubt how risky it can be for your child to meet and date a stranger without knowing enough about him. The absence of age-verification and way to verify the authenticity of the information provided by Tinder users makes the app more vulnerable for teens and tweens. With the mobile tracking software, you can monitor the Tinder activities of your children. You can read their messages and see their friends list and dating preferences.


TOS Social media monitoring enable parents to closely watch out the online activities of their kids to protect them from the potential dangers in the real and online world.