If you have looked into buying an electric car then you have probably looked into at home EVSE charging stations. You know that an EVSE is requirement for electric vehicles as they cannot simply plug into a standard socket. This means you have also asked the question, “which is better, a level 1 or a level 2 charging station?” The correct answer for this question depends on your individual situation.

Level 1 – Short Distances, Urban Areas

Level 1 chargers are more practical. They are cheap, do not require installation, and use regular sockets. They also bear the distinction of being portable. As far as charging capacity goes they are lacking. A level 1 charges slowly but this is no problem if you are charging overnight. Even though it takes 18 hours for a full charge an overnight session will provide more than enough battery power to get you from point A to point B. What you have to look at is your situation.

Level 1 chargers are great forĀ urban areas, short distances, and regular commutes. If you live in a city, commute to the same place, and keep regular hours a level 1 is all you will ever really need. If you move around a lot, then the portability of the unit is perfect. No messy hassles with set ups and take downs. You just pack it up and go.

Level 2 – Rural and Strong

A level 2 ev charger is all about performance. They carry a great capacity and provide a faster charge. This is great for covering long distances. It is also optimal for the health of your body. It is not practical for moving around, however, because the unit is stuck in place.

Level 2 chargers do not plug into a regular socket. They require their own, as well as a complex installation. In terms of practicality it requires too much of a hassle. As far as quality goes it leaves level 1 stations in the dust. Level 2 chargers are also required by certain brands. Such makes and models have a battery that needs a higher rate of service from its charging station.

Level 2 chargers are great for ruralĀ areas because of the long distances involved. You cannot rely on public stations if you live in a small town. Driving electric in a rural location requires a charger that can get you where you need to go and back.

What to Look At

The first thing to consider is y our car’s specific requirements. This alone can render the entire process moot if it needs a level 2. Secondly, you should look at your living situation. Portable level 1 stations are perfect for apartment complexes where you have no garage. Another thing to look at is your commute. If you live in a city, odds are there are publicly accessible charging stations available. Such stations are level 3 superchargers and can provide extensions of miles in mere minutes. Finally, there is your budget. Level 2 stations cost so go with what you can afford.