Every network administrator is going to have some giants and some battles to face when it comes to dealing with end users and the network. It is only right to get the proper monitoring tools in place as soon as you start a job like this. You need to know that there are going to be people that are going to break the rules when it comes to network operations.

Some people are going to bring files that may be harmful to your network because they are trying to entertain themselves in their down time. They may have no idea that some file that was downloaded from the Internet is potentially something that could bring down an entire network. You cannot take the risk. You have to get any LAN monitoring tools in place and prepare to face those giants that are potentially going to be your rule-breakers.

Outside Threats

It is not always the employees inside of the company that are harming your network. Sometimes there are legitimate outside threats that come from intruders that may tag along by way of an Internet page. There could be cyber-attacks where keyloggers, phishing, malware and spyware attacks are taking place. That is yet another reason that you need to get your resources ready to monitor the entire local area network as soon as you get on the job. You cannot afford to let these types of things slip into your network and cause problems. You can rest assured that these issues will continue to grow if you do not take any effort to change these issues.

Making Better Recommendations for Upgrades

What you will ultimately find when you are a network administrator is that there are costs to getting licenses for software and even greater cost for getting the hardware to run the software that you need. What you need to do is have a resource that can monitor the number of users that you have on your network. You need to know specifics about the different types of models of computers as well as the switches that are running on your network. When you have data like this you have a better chance of negotiating when it comes to your budget for the upcoming year.

Proof That Your Network Needs The Upgrade

For a network administrator it can often be a tedious task of proving to the people that control the money that you need more of it to upgrade your network. It may involve showing systems that are outdated that can be vulnerable to security attacks. There is a need to upgrade, but sometimes people outside of Information Technology may assume that you are just being frivolous.

They may be thinking that you are simply trying to get all of the bells and whistles every time a new upgrade is available. What you need to do is get proof of the things that are slowing your network down. You need to be able to show that you actually need the things you requested.