SMD Crystals, also known as surface mount crystals, are a type of quartz crystal that can be used in a variety of electrical devices and board applications.

SMD Components have been known to have an operating temperature of -55C to 200C meaning they can function in even the most uninhabitable and harshest environments in the world. They also provide excellent shock performance and exceptional precision. SMD Crystals are also known to function at a wide range of frequencies and are a low-cost and effective quartz product.

Uses for SMD Crystals

Available for purchase from Euroquartz, a UK based supplier and manufacturer of quartz crystals, oscillators and frequency products, SMD Crystals have been known to be used in the following applications:

  • Wireless telecommunication devices
  • Circuit boards
  • Timing devices, such as real-time clock oscillators
  • Volume applications

Euroquartz can also manufacture and provide miniature SMD Components for devices which require smaller components. For all your SMD or surface mount crystal needs, as well as for your SMD Tcxo Oscillators, look no further than Euroquartz, who maintain huge stocks of each of their products to allow for instant product dispatches when they receive an order.

SMD Crystals Quality Assurance

The manufacturing of SMD Crystals and Components comes with a guarantee of product quality ensuring the satisfaction of Euroquartz customers who can obtain a complete range of frequency-related electrical components.

As a company, Euroquartz expertise in the manufacturing and supplying of components for use in electrical products has seenthem at the top of their industry for more than 60 years with the origins being traced back to the Second World War. They supply their products worldwide and the company is backed by an experienced engineering team, who are exceptionally skilled in the design and manufacture of SMD crystals and other electronicfrequency control components.

In House SMD Crystal Production

At Euroquartz, all their SMD Crystals are designed, manufactured and produced in house.

Below see a list of the machines they use:

  • Plating Unit – A heat process is used to add silver or gold electrodes onto crystal blanks
  • Package Assembly – Programmed attaching of package lids before seam welding SMD products
  • Blank Mounting – Crystal blanks are placed onto substrates which are then used surface-mount crystals
  • Final Adjustments-Our Oscillator units are tuned to their final frequency
  • Seal and Test-Final tests and sealing measures take place under precise conditions
  • ATE – An automated quality control machine
  • Resistance Welder – Oscillators and crystals are placed in a resistance welder sealing them under controlled conditions