When your website has large number of regular visitors it needs constant care and attention. It is very important to optimize the website for speed, scalability, security and disaster recovery after a regular interval, so users won’t face any inconvenience when visiting your website.

In this article, I will discuss whether you need “Managed” WordPress Hosting or any ordinary shared hosting to run your large website. The purpose of this article is to introduce a newbie in which case he or she would be required managed WordPress hosting.

Managed WordPress hosting

Managed hosting is WordPress’s specific type of hosting which includes some add-on features and makes it convenient for managing and securing the website. In this type of hosting you don’t have to share hosting features with anybody else like in shared hosting. In Managed WordPress hosting you would have the whole access to your website, and you can update it time to time.

Difference between shared and managed web hosting

Yes and No. Few web hosts who provide managed WordPress Hosting indicate the exact difference between their WordPress Plans and ordinary plans. They also mention that you can add more features for a price. In case a service provider hasn’t particularly mentioned that they offer “Managed” WordPress hosting, you can assume that their WordPress plans have minor variations from their regular shared hosting plans.

Important features of managed web hosting:

  1. Storage: As your business grows storage requirements will vary from time to time. So here managed web hosting comes into consideration which helps businesses to reduce costs related to buying and administrating storage services.
  1. Backups: It is very important to have a system that will help you to keep the backup of your data because lost data can cost a lot to a business. With managed hosting, you would have peace of mind that your data is secure and your hosting company always helps you to deal with such a scenario.
  2. Security: Managed servers well-equipped and available to dealt with issues like virus, OS updates, a spam filtrationas security is the highest concern these days. They monitor fully managed servers for common security problems and fix them.
  1. Developer Tools and Aids:  With a couple of plugins for WordPress you can set up a professional staging area for your website, which will be able to provide you some limited functionality for staging. An ideal plugin is Site Push which can easily move content and code between WordPress sites and pull your site’s database to a development site or push new code to a staging site. The same applies to version control tools like git as well. However, some of this software may need you to have server-level control, which may be possible only if you have your server.

Managed web hosting servers also helps you to reduce operational costs by saving you plenty of time and money.

Do you really need managed WordPress hosting?

Managed WordPress Providers manage all your daily routine tasks related to servers. With unique technology, they do come at a reasonable price, however, if you think they cannot handle all that stuff appropriately you can do it for yourself. If you are even a little tech-savvy and have a bit of programming knowledge, you can Do It Yourself and achieve reasonably good results without having to pay a fortune.

So collectively, it will help you to have a managed web hosting package for your traffic website, but make sure to analyze before you sign up or take a trial before investing your money into it.