Technology and the Classroom Experience

Technology has had a significant impact on how educators teach, communicate with parents, and how students learn. It has bridged the gap of communication inside and outside the classroom. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops have entirely changed education in the classroom. The task of keeping students engaged in the learning process has become much easier for […]

Keep Your Business Running Well

  When you own a business today, the most important piece of equipment you will most likely have, is the computer system that handles all of your customer and employee information. Having a good IT department set up is crucial to smoothly operating your business from day to day. However, there are times when the […]

Why Data Mining Has Become the Basis of Analyzing Customer

  We live in a world where anything, at any time, is converted into data: all the sharing, likes, phone calls, tweets, and mouse clicks. However, all this information that goes unnoticed and under-utilized is an asset, and companies don’t know what to do about it. In a sense it’s a little bit like when […]

What to Do to Build Business and Move Forward

  The people who are going to be the most successful when starting a business are those who think first about the customer. There are actually steps that come with business and customer service. It comes in steps. The first step is finding the market that you are best equipped for. Afterwards, you have to […]

Why Your Business Needs an Information Security Program

  In today’s technological world, every business must have an information security program in order to protect their assets. Whether you have a small business or a global enterprise, it’s something that cannot be ignored or undervalued. Quite frankly, your software applications will be targeted by intruders, it’s a matter of time if it hasn’t […]

Modern Use of Alan Turing’s Imitation Game

The Turing test was believed to be the one plus ultra-state of artificial intelligence. The AI pioneer, Alan Turing, used it for the first time in 1950 to develop a benchmark for progress. It measures how quickly human thinking ability is reached or simulated by AI. However, it all comes down to the question of […]

Why Rent a Desktop Device

  Renting a computer might be a more common investment than you may think. It is not something that is widely discussed, but the pros of renting a computer can sometimes be better than owning a desktop. Certain projects require specific hardware needs that can only be achieved on select desktops. Sometimes buying the desktop […]

The Answer to EVSE’s Fundamental Question

If you have looked into buying an electric car then you have probably looked into at home EVSE charging stations. You know that an EVSE is requirement for electric vehicles as they cannot simply plug into a standard socket. This means you have also asked the question, “which is better, a level 1 or a […]

Have the Entertainment and Software Industries Becoming One?

  Lately, information technology (IT) and the entertainment industry have successfully merged. The lines are now blurred since most of what happens in the media; TV film and movie studios or animation and music productions, is created and distributed with IT. Whether recording, streaming or performing live; the complete work can be done on a […]

Recent Trend to Avoid Making Network Errors: Network Automation Systems

  Most networks provide a platform to link and group networks that are interrelated. The devices may have similarities such as uniform descriptions address and names. It’s called network automation. Network automation is using a communication program to monitor an automated operation of network resources. There are two ways of automation; you can either use […]