Once I first noticed Geist of Saint Traft (GST) I used to be very impressed, I imply what number of playing cards are available as a 2/2 for three mana with safety from spells and talents that your opponent controls or extra merely put, hexproof. GST does not cease there with its robust capacity nevertheless it additionally unleashes a four/four flying angel each time he assaults.When is the final time you could possibly say a 3 drop may do an enormous six injury?Image this.
Flip 1: drop blue
Flip 2: drop white and forged Honor of the Pure
Flip three: drop white and forged Geist of Saint Traft
Flip four: Forged one other Honor of the Pure and ship in GST creating his guardian angel and pulling off an enormous 10 injury.
Flip 5: Assault and do one other 10 injury. Opponent handled in 5 turns.

Your opponents would possibly put up some obstacles however the precept is there and a easy Galvanic Blast or Arc Path nonetheless will not have the ability to cease GST. He cannot be tapped, managed or blasted making him very harmful.The wonderful factor is with hexproof is that it prevents him from being focused by your opponent however you possibly can nonetheless goal him. There are a number of choices can be found to make the most of this capacity. You possibly can run purple and drop a Goblin Tunneler into the combo making GST unblockable each time he assaults. Neurok Invisimancer makes him unblockable for one flip.Tools is a wonderful good friend of GST. Nim Deathmantle turns GST into the strolling useless however extra importantly provides him +2+2 and intimidate making him greater and far more durable to dam. In case your opponent does kill him, pay 4 mana and he goes again within the battlefield pumped up prepared for extra motion.Strider Harness may make him more durable to kill with a small energy/toughness enhance and a shock assault utilizing haste. In fact, you possibly can equip him with one of many mythic Swords. The Swords flip any creature into a significant menace.

Additionally, you possibly can play elimination spells to clear the way in which for GST to assault unimpeded. Spells like Dismember, Vapor Snag, and Arrest can take care of opposing blockers. Creatures like Blinding Souleater can faucet annoying creatures. Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite shrinks your opponent’s creatures whereas boosting GST and his guardian angel.I can see this card being an enormous favourite amongst gamers operating blue/white decks. These decks could be constructed round Geist of Saint Traft by giving him as some ways to remain alive throughout fight in order that he can proceed attacking along with his four/four guardian angel.