The Inductive Methodology of ScienceScience adopts the Aristotelian, inductive technique to maneuver from the actual to the overall, slightly like assembling particular person items of a jigsaw puzzle: discrete observational knowledge are collected and steadily fitted right into a common image, the latter being a psychological representational mannequin of the bodily results noticed. The thoughts course of is predominantly mental, utilized in a linear mode. The devices of investigation are restricted to, and conditioned by, the 5 bodily senses and their extensions, as telescopes and microscopes, and so on. The result’s a exact description of the appearances, behaviour and bodily mechanisms of the Universe-Nature in her manifold appearances. The prevailing scientific paradigm of materialism has many unsupported and unsubstantiated assumptions. Bodily or mathematical modelling are central options of the scientific technique of inquiry. Because of this science itself isn’t about reality or information, per se-rather an interpretation of the bodily world.The Deductive Strategy of Occult ScienceBy distinction, Occult Science works within the Platonic custom of transferring from the overall to the actual inside the Ring Cross-Not (i.e. limiting boundaries of evolutionary development) of each world system: the general, grand image is first realized in its important nature, and the best way this presents itself as specific results then expounded. The thoughts course of is basically ‘lateral pondering’ and intuitive, utilized in an all-inclusive mode. The devices of investigation will not be restricted to the bodily senses. This offers profound insights into the origin, important nature and manifestation of Nature in her true self.

CONFLUENCE BETWEEN SCIENCE AND OCCULT SCIENCEWhy Many Scientists Are Additionally Embracing MysticismThese days we discover growing numbers of scientists turning in the direction of mysticism as a complement to the rational scientific technique. A overview of the world-wide Listing of Members of The Scientific and Medical Community will point out this reality. Moreover, academics and college students on the Massachusetts Institute of Expertise have fashioned an alchemical society and often examine The Secret Doctrine. Throughout Millikan’s tenure at Cal Tech, a duplicate of The Secret Doctrine lodged within the library was a lot in demand that one needed to put one’s identify on an extended ready record. This work can also be mentioned periodically on the Harvard Membership in New York by a number of chemistry academics, together with MIT professors.Why then, such an upsurge in curiosity in mysticism and occult science? We defined above that in investigating one thing by the scientific technique, we will describe its look, behaviour and traits by standing other than it (the discoveries from quantum physics however). However by the occult strategy as a way to perceive its interior nature, we have now actually to change into the very factor we want to investigate-or at the very least to take part in it. For this reason the occult system at all times operates from inside to with out, and prefers to analyze Nature by collaborating along with her processes, slightly than interrogating her outward behaviour.It’s by advantage of such inside insights that Blavatsky was in a position to make prophetic remarks in The Secret Doctrine about future developments in pure science, for instance:The wave movement of residing particles turns into understandable on the idea of a non secular ONE LIFE, of a common Very important precept, impartial of our matter, and manifesting as atomic vitality solely on our aircraft of consciousness. The above assertion shows foreknowledge about three info that are actually generally accepted by science, particularly: (a) the vitality inside the atom; (b) the wave-like nature of particles, and the particle-like nature of waves; and (c) the vitality and ‘consciousness’ of particles. Blavatsky was possibly the primary individual to make use of the phrases ‘atomic vitality’ and the ‘wave movement of residing particles’, which science has found for itself, utilizing its personal strategies of investigation.

Within the discipline of life sciences, we discover related portentous statements, corresponding to:It’s not in opposition to zoological and anthropological discoveries, primarily based on the fossils of man and animal, that each mystic and believer in a divine soul inwardly revolts, however solely in opposition to the uncalled-for conclusions constructed on preconceived theories and made to slot in with sure prejudices.Pushed inexorably by the strain of their very own discoveries, and more and more inconsistent theories to account for them, scientists are slowly awakening to the reality of Blavatsky’s assertion. This can quickly change into obvious.Therefore in view of the foregoing, it’s not stunning that the best scientists, previous and current, have realized the boundaries of the method of scientific inquiry and sensed the necessity for extra intuitive approaches.