The modern world is all about data allocation nowadays. The storage, transfer, protection, and access of data is paramount in a world more connected than ever. Many businesses use Document Management Systems to store, file, access, link, and secure their various documents. It is beneficial to the environment as it cuts down on paper, and also allows an easier way to access and bring up files. No more hunting for a client’s information in a series of file cabinets, now it is all touch-of-a-button. The most major question companies have to answer when facilitating the use of a DMS is whether it should be ground or cloud. Grounded DMS systems are on-site, physically present, and downloaded into the computers. They offer better security and minimize access points. Cloud-based are fluid, stored completely online, and allow for access anywhere. Unfortunately, they also make the data more at risk for hacking. Finding the one that is best is just a matter of looking at the company itself.


Self-Hosted DMS places the software inside company servers. The amount of space is depended on the size of said servers. Unlike cloud services self-hosted DMS will have a one-time cost. This is good because it negates a monthly charge but is also bad as that one-time charge will be sizable. Most DMS systems usually cost several thousand dollars at least. There is also the possibility of an installation charge.

The benefits of self-hosted software are complete control of the system, no dependence on the internet whatsoever, and improved security from single-source access. The cons deal mostly with higher up front cost, inability to back up data anywhere else, and the possible lack of dual usage between Mac and Windows.


Cloud-Hosted is a more popular choice nowadays as connectivity is such prime aspect. The DMS provided on the cloud lacks the high up-front charges of Self-hosted DMS but bears a monthly service charge for the provider offering it. It offers the ability to log in from any access point be it a mobile device, laptop, or desktop. Just as long as it has internet capability. The monthly cost depends on the service used. There are no additional charges connected though, only the price of use. This is why many companies including Lucion vouch for cloud-hosted DMS over anything else.

The biggest benefit form cloud-based use is that files are backed up digitally. They can always be retrieved no matter what. Another benefit is that software is easy to load, and the service providing it handles maintenance. No need for any IT squad. It also brings the advantage of anywhere connection with it. The only drawback is that it puts data in the hands of a provider and takes away ultimate control. It also puts you in the hands of the internet. If there is a problem with either it effects your access ability. Also, there is less security with fully online as it is open-source. So, the provider has to be dependable.