You must have been using your WiFi network for quite a long time now. But have you ever thought that you can make the most of it? You have many smart devices and gadgets connected to the WiFi but can you access an equally stable network connection on all of them simultaneously? Are all the rooms in your house WiFi accessible?

Well, the answer to these all questions is one. Technology has brought out many ways to enhance your WiFi, one of which is wireless range extenders. Also, called wireless repeaters or boosters, these are devices let you use the internet from all nooks and corners of your living place.

No matter it is the basement, the kitchen area, the garage, or the attic, the WiFi signals appear on all places within the range of your WiFi extender network. And, that “range” is very wide.

New Netgear WiFi extender setup functions by taking a WiFi network from the main router and retransmitting it to areas that have been WiFi-less till now.

The frequency band support

While looking for wireless repeaters, you must take into consideration a few points. The first one is which frequency band it supports. Netgear offers single and dual-band wireless repeaters. While the single band comes with 2.4GHz support, the dual band provides 5GHz as well.

But what these frequencies mean? The lower frequency i.e. 2.4GHz is good for attaining better coverage whereas 5GHz provides better data transfer speeds. Also, the higher frequencies are strong enough to fight against interference from the frequency channels of other devices.

Dual-band support is a good idea because you can switch between two bands as per your needs. In fact, Netgear provides one add-on in this respect. The brand uses the FastLane technology in all its major repeaters. With the help of this technology, a user can enjoy the benefits of both the frequency bands simultaneously without any interruption.

Does it provide WPS support?

WPS lets users connect with the same network in a secure and quick manner with the push of one button. WiFi Protected Setup installation method works when both the router and extenders contain WPS button. All you need to do is connect both the devices with each other, turn them on, and push the WPS button on the repeater.

Almost all modern wireless repeaters feature the button, so, it’s easy to choose the one in that respect. You can take specialist guidance from dedicated technicians at to assist you with assured solutions.

Are there any add-ons involved?

Basic features like the above are almost the same in most models. However, only a few come with add-ons like Access Point Mode support. This feature allows users to enjoy their repeaters as access points. This means that the repeater will work as a router to transmit the WiFi network. It will not act as a repeater to retransmit the network received from a router.

Get started with the new WiFi extender setup

The installation process of Netgear extenders is pretty quick. All you need to do is:

  • Connect the extender with the router and a cable modem using cables
  • Plug all into electric sockets and turn them on
  • On the computer, head to a browser and enter into mywifiext net
  • Log in to your repeater by using the default credentials
  • Click on New Extender Setup
  • Follow the on-screen guide to complete the procedure

Once the WiFi connection is established, you will see an active extender network on your computer’s WiFi list. You can now use the web in all the rooms of your house without any hassle. In case you have stuck anywhere during the process, contact professionals to help you out.